Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tooele, Utah

I love summer road trips.  Long or short, there is just something about piling in the family in car.  Last Thursday we went to lunch and then decided to head to Tooele.  It is only about a 40 minute drive but I have never actually been there.  We stopped off at the two local quilt shops.  I didn't find a ton of stuff but I did find some great deals.  I got some Robert Kauffman Kona solids for just $5.10 a yard!  Woot!  Yard Sale (one of the shops) also had a ton of flannel.  It almost made me want to start doing rag quilts again.

We also went to the Tooele Railroad Museum.  Eli was sooooooo excited.  We were lucky enough to arrive just before closing (they are only open from 1-4pm).  Normally, they offer train rides but we went on a bad day.  But, hey, it was free.  Yup, FREE.  You've got to love the price.

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joanne lendaro said...

Great pics! Little boys and trains, couldn't be more perfect!