Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alicia Jones Photography Giveaway **CLOSED**

This review/giveaway is a long time coming.  I have rewritten this review four times (I wish I were exaggerating)!  Every draft is so gushy that I sound like a ten year old girl talking about Justin Bieber.  Uncool but I can't help it.  I LOVE LOVED LOVED Alicia!  She was wonderful!  I can't help but wondering now why I have put off having pictures taken.  (The last family photos were taken over seven years ago.  And I hated them.)

Anywho,  Alicia is amazing.  She was great to suggest loads of places to take the pictures and even emailed me examples.  She was understanding when we had to reschedule due to my kids and I being sick.  And she was ON TIME for our appointment.  I know many of you outside of Utah won't understand how unusual this is.  Everyone here seems to operate 10-20 minutes behind schedule all of the time.  As a person who is chronically early for things, this drives me crazy.  And, as a mother trying to get a decent picture of a recently sick toddler, being on time for pictures means we just might get those pictures taken before he starts getting cranky and wants a nap.  And we did!  Alicia was fantastic about discussing the types of pictures I was looking for.  She also showed an extreme amount of self-control....I wouldn't have blamed her if she had strangled my little sweety who decided to throw pebbles at her nice, new equipment.  The kid was excited about being out in "nature" and was showing us all the cool things he found but I was mortified!  She was fantastic with the kids and the pictures turned out great:

Fantastic aren't they?  And her prices are great!  The regular session fee is $75.00 and you get a cd of all of your photos (so you can make as many prints or gift items you want).  Alicia also does an amazing job editing.  Eli had a large scratch on his face that she seamlessly removed.  She also removed a few other things (I would tell you what but I'd have to kill you).  She charges $5.00 per edit.  And that isn't per photo either.  Five bucks and that stain on your child's shirt is removed from every single photograph from the session!

Of course, I loved Alicia so much I had to convince her to do a giveaway.  ****Giveaway is now closed****If you are in Utah/SLC County (or don't mind a fair bit of traveling) you can enter to win a free session!  And, as always, there are a few ways for you to enter:

1.  Leave a comment (say hi or tell me how fantastic I look, you know, whatever)
2.  Like Alicia Jones Photography on Facebook and leave a second comment telling me you did.
3.  Check out the Alicia Jones Photography website and come back here to tell me what your favorite photograph is.

Easy-peasy.  Three chances to win.  One week to enter.  And, if you aren't our lucky winner, you can still book with Alicia.  Let her know I sent you and you will get $25 off of a regular session if you book by October 31, 2010.  She is also doing mini-Halloween sessions for just $40 that you can read about here.  I know I am going to be booking one!  I just love Autumn pictures!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight is the Friday Night Sew In!  Are you ready?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mail Call

I miss being eight.  My daughter runs out to the mailbox every day with hope.  Today might be the day she gets a letter.  Or a package.  Or maybe the new American Girl catalog.  I, however, face it with dread.  Today will probably be the day I get the utility bill.  Or the phone bill.  Or any other bill for that matter.  A highlight may be the grocery store ads.  ha!  But today surprised me.  Today I got not one but two fantastic packages.

First, I got an advanced copy of Dreaming in Chinese by Deborah Fallows.  I only wish this had arrived Saturday.  I could have been reading it while we have been sick.  There is still tonight tho.

Next up,  I received a Park Avenue charmpack and the pattern Holiday Lineup from Emily at Crazy Old Ladies.  I just LOVE her patterns!  I've gone Crazy Old Ladies crazy this month.  I just can't get enough.  It seems unfair that one person could be so talented!

Well, it is nap time and I am joining the kids.  I can't wait to get feeling better.  Sitting around the house all day is getting a bit old.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's going around

Yesterday I came home from work to find my two youngest children sick.  Fun, fun.  Eli was burning up and crying inconsolably.  Both still have fevers and are lethargic.  It is a regular party over here.  Needless to say, no new projects have been completed.  Going to the store for medicine, bread, and milk was enough to wear everyone out.  I'll be back when things calm down around here.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Networked Blogs

Good news!  If you use the Facebook application Networked Blogs, you are now able to follow my blog there.  I just discovered the application today and it is pretty darn cool.  Check it out!

ME? Teaching?

I know, it could be scary.  It could be gruesome.  But it most likely will be good for a laugh.  And you just might walk out with a pretty dang cute quilt top too.  How could you go wrong?  So, if you live in the South Jordan, UT area or you're willing to drive all the way there to see me (ha, ha, ha!) come in to Material Girls and get yourself signed up for my Jellyroll Surprise class.  Those of you who know me may already be skeptical.  May think, "surprise, huh?"  Well let me assure you that I do actually know what we will be doing.  I'm not just calling the class a surprise because I have no idea what to do.  Believe me, I am as shocked as you are by how prepared I actually am.

This weekend is the open house at Material Girls and the class schedule is supposed to be out then and you will be able to sign up.  Come to sew!  Come for moral support!  Come to laugh your butt off at me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A bliss-ful day

Sorry about the pun but I couldn't help myself.  Moda Bliss arrived today.  It is GORGEOUS.  It speaks to me.  The UPS guy was all but attacked when he started wheeling it in.  We just knew what it was and we had to have it NOW.  A couple of customers in the shop took pictures of it as the boxes were opened.  ha!  I worked the rest of the day and could hardly keep my eyes off of it.  Of course I had to take some home.  I even finished my quilt top out of the Bliss layer cake last night so now I have my borders and backing!  Woot!  I'd better get started quilting.  Armando is calling my name.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purple Purple Purple

I love quick projects.  And this has got to be one of the quickest in quite a while.  I went from this:

To this:

All in a matter of hours.
  I am digging the purple and orange.  Lorelei has already claimed this quilt as hers so I may have to fight her for it.  You would think I could take an eight year old, right?

*****I feel remiss that I forgot to mention what pattern I used for this quilt.  It is called Boxtrot and was designed by Creative Sewlutions.  The pattern comes with many options for box placement and border options.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I swear, this is not me

Just a little funny from Cathy Miller to brighten your day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Way-back Wednesday

I recently purchased some Early Bird fabric by Cosmo Cricket.  It is pure retro goodness.

These fabrics just beg to become oven mitts.  Or toaster cozies.  Or aprons.  Heck, they begged to come home with me.  And you know what a kind person I am.  I could not say no.  But I have to admit that they really don't match my decor.  Or my pots and pans for that matter.  So a few changes may be in order.

I obviously need one of these from le creuset:  

And one of these wouldn't hurt either:

And maybe this to put them in:

These retro blues and greens are lovely.  Who ever thought I would actually want a fridge to be any color but white or stainless steel?  Especially after growing up with these:

I'd ask my mother what the heck she was thinking but I don't believe that she actually picked out our avocado green stove and fridge (and dishwasher, ugh!).  They came with the house.  Those and the "awesome" mirrored wall with gold cracks painted on the mirrors.  You can't appreciate its full beauty without actually seeing it in all its glory.  Don't worry, I don't have a picture.