Sunday, June 27, 2010

50th Post!

I can't believe that this is my 50th post on blogger.  Who would have thought?  Or that I haven't scared away or completely bored every person that has stumbled upon my little blog.  Because I just moved, my house is a bit of a disaster untidy.  This makes it the perfect time to issue this challenge because it made it harder for me to cheat!  So here's the deal:  Go take a picture of your creative space.  Right now.  No tidying, no cleaning, no cheating!  Then post them on your blog and let me know!  I will post links to everyone so we can all check it out.  So here goes:
I have no defense for this mess.  Only the little piles by the right of the machine are things I am working on today.

Two of the five blocks I made today.

Ready to serge.

One side of the walk-in closet.  The quilt tops on hangers are all waiting to be quilted.

The other side of the closet.  I consider this fairly organized...just ignore the top shelf.

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Gene Black said...

Fifty posts? Congrats! Does that mean your first post was in January?

I think you are now granted legal status as a blogger! LOL. I have over 400 posts. At 500 I need to do something big huh? At the rate I am going I may make it by the end of the year.

My creative space is covered with laundry so I am NOT up to the challenge.

Joanne said...

Congratulations on 50 posts! I love the colours of the blocks that you are working on.
Great challenge. I took pictures of my creative space and blogged about it too. Thanks for the challenge!!

Larisa said...

Congratulations on fifty posts!!!
I love your sewing a lot! You are really lucky to be able to get all these nice fabrics where you are. I wish I could make some patchwork one day but I have not so good fabrics at me .... sorry
Hugs. Larisa. xxx

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the 50th post! It's not pretty but here's my space It's supposed to be getting moved to a new location so I haven't kept it as neat as I might normally.

Sally said...

Your space does not look the least bit untidy to my eyes! I wish my space looked that good...especially since my sewing space is the kitchen table!

Asiyah said...

Hey there! Enjoyed the post. Here's my contribution to the challenge:

Laine from said...

Congrats on the 50th post. I can't wait to get there. Also, thanks for posting on my blog! I am going to upload my workspace. Kinda scarey, but at least I know where everything is...sort of....I think....well, actually I have to hunt a lot, but you won't believe the things I find underneath the piles!