Thursday, October 14, 2010


I made it to the two sewing shops in Casper, WY while we were visiting family.  The first one, Wyoming Sewing Center, was a disappointment at first.  I walked in expecting a bit of fabric and only saw sewing machines.  Gorgeous sewing machines, but no fabric.  Gorgeous thread, but no fabric.  Fun notions, but (again) NO FABRIC!  *sniff*

But then I saw the most AMAZING thing.  Something I didn't even know existed.  A Singer 222 Free-arm Featherweight!  Apparently they were never made for the U.S. market, so there aren't many of these babies floating around out there.  I wish I had taken a picture (I forget these things when I am excited!) but I did find a cool old advert for one.

*Note to husband:  I want one for Christmas.

I also test drove a couple of machines.  Wyoming Sewing Center sells Bernina and Viking machines.  I also saw a few Janome machines hanging out.  My favorite (by far) was the Viking Ruby.  (Okay, I really liked the Viking Diamond too, but a girl knows when something is out of her budget!)  The Ruby was just amazing.  It had every function I could want and has the drop-in bobbin feature that I love.  I need to quit looking at machines!  I will never be able to make a decision!
*Note to Santa:  I want one for Christmas.

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Chris said...

I bought my Viking Designer SE at the Casper shop some years ago. They were wonderful! I have since traded it up to the diamond and LOVE it. I hope Santa is VERY good to you :)