Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lions, and Hospitals, and rockslides, oh my!

Okay, maybe not lions, but this has been a crazy week.  My father in-law was taken to the hospital last week in an ambulance.  He had pneumonia and his kidneys had just failed.  He had to be put on a respirator and put into an induced coma.  Serious fun for all.  Needless to say, this meant a trip to go visit him and the rest of my husband's family in Wyoming.  This is pretty much what the last four hours of our seven hour trip looked like:

Describing it as scenic would be being very generous.  Lorelei started on the "are we there yets" about two hours in.  Ugh!
My father in-law was released from the hospital over the weekend and is doing surprisingly well.  Amazingly well.  The man made us breakfast the day we left.  While we were there I visited the local fabric store (surprise), took the kids to the park, and just enjoyed time spent with family.

That last picture is of my father in-law PUSHING Eli around the yard in a go kart.  ha!  He is such a good grandfather and I am so glad he is still with us!

On our way home we drove through Green River, Wyoming.  On the west side of town there is a large rock formation that everyone calls the Palisades.  When we got to that spot on the interstate there was a giant cloud of dust.  Visibility was zero.  There had been a large rock slide.  Luckily, nothing was on the interstate but the dust proved to be just as dangerous.

This was taken by someone headed the opposite way on the interstate.  We were on the side closest to the cliffs.  Just before this happened (about 3-4 minutes) we passed a vehicle hauling a plane.  That vehicle, another car, and a semi all wrecked inside the dust cloud.  We made it out minutes (if not seconds) before that happened.  They had to shut down the interstate for a few hours to get it all cleared. From what I can find online, it looks like everyone involved in the accident was treated and released from the hospital.

Anyway, that was our trip.  It was great seeing everyone and I am thankful our family made it home safe and sound.


Pat said...

Oh, my...what a week you have had. I'm glad your FIL is okay and that you all made it out safely from that rockslide area.

quiltingnana said...

glad to hear all turned out ok

deborah said...

so glad your fil is now well and you had a safe trip!

Gene Black said...

Gracious! What a week indeed. Good to hear that you Father-in-law is up and about again.

Needled Mom said...

So glad that your FIL is doing so well, but what a week!!!!

That rock slide is amazing! How scary!

Hey....I think we have been on that same road!!!! Boring!!!! After several hours on it we took a road that went south to get away from the "nothingness".