Friday, October 15, 2010

DIY Friday

I have been quilting in the dark.  Quite literally.  My sewing room is about 20 feet long but only has one tiny light fixture in the center of the room.  It makes doing anything outside of that four-foot perimeter quite tricky.

It is a bit pathetic.  Annoying.  Hard on the eyes.  Today, all that changed.  Finally!  And, as my husband doesn't read my blog, I could totally claim I put up the new track lights all by myself.  You might be impressed, and he would never be the wiser.  Alas, I have to admit that I only helped.

Perhaps I should have moved the ladder before taking this picture.  Oh well.

I also have been working on my formal living room/ dining room.  I am determined to furnish the whole thing with used furniture.  I've got to save some money somewhere and you know it isn't going to be by buying inferior fabric!  Here's the dining room:

I made this table runner last year using a Moda charm pack.  My mother and I actually both made one on one of our sewing days.  We really need to have those more often!

I have also bought a wingback chair ($12), and an end table and coffee table ($15).  Now I just need a sofa and I will be all set.  The wingback chair had hideous fabric but was in very good shape.

It was so much easier than reupholstering.  I love that there were no ties.  And you can still see the legs of the chair.  Every slipcover I have ever used seemed to shift every time someone sits in them.  This really stays put.  And it was easy to put on once I figured out which side was which.  It was supposed to have stickers marking this, but I think I may have received a repackaged one that someone returned.  Grrr...  lol

Tonight is the Friday Night Sew-in!  I am going to finish up a quilt top or two that I have been neglecting.  And I will be finishing them up in my nice, bright sewing room.  Down side to the new lights, I now realize how badly my sewing room is in need of decoration.


maree said...

Go you! My sewing room too is in desperate need of better lighting right down to my actual sewing machine light!!!!! Solved that when a friend gave me a wee desk light last week that she was about to throw out and I thought it might be useful....voila I can actually see what is going under my presser foot. Bet you won't know yourself now. Happy stitching. Ciao

Joyful Quilter said...

The electric company loves me when I sew...every light within reach is turned on. I really like your new light, looks like it will give you lots of light and is very stylish. Have fun tonight, I'm signed up, but I have a feeling nothing is going to get done.

Carol in E TN said...

Would you mind sharing what brand of slip cover you used on the wing back chair? I am in need of one!