Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IMMD (It Made My Day)!

Monday, while visiting a few of my favorite blogs, I found this terrific post by Gene Black.  He is always posting examples of his amazing artwork.  I did, however, misread his post.  Where it says "the giraffe and the boots" I read "the giraffe in boots".  Apparently, I read what I want to read.  I told this to Gene and told him how disappointed I had been.  ha!  And then this showed up in my inbox today:

This totally made my day!


Gene Black said...

Hey, making someone's day, that is what I live for.

Well, okay that and Chocolate! :)

Cheri C. said...

I'm with you... I read the same especially when I looked at the "redo" first... I thought it was great to have the giraffe in the boots - great reception from the artist... must be a great guy!! Good to see you today!!

joanne lendaro said...

hahaha!! Gene is too funny!! Thanks for making my day!