Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coming Soon: New Blog Look

Spending money on my blogs has not been one of my top ten priorities.  In fact, it hasn't been in the top fifty.  I'm not normally so cheap, but I just haven't been able to justify the expense.  But, because of all the other blogs I read each day, jealousy has reared it's evil little head.  How come my blog isn't that pretty?  So, I have decided my blog is ready for a new, grown-up look.  I've enlisted Designer Blogs to help.  There is a lot of happy-dancing going on here and nervous waiting.  I'm on the list and my blog makeover should be ready by the middle of August.  I will not miss my weird header than shows off my lack of photoshop skills!  Please let me know what your favorite blog design ideas are so I will know what to steal and call my own when the time comes!  LOL

And now for a shameless plug in the name of family:

Have you noticed the button for The Sewing Shack in my sidebar?

My sister owns The Sewing Shack and sells Moda precuts and various sewing patterns.  And she sells them for super duper cheap!  You can get yourself a Moda Bliss Jellyroll right now for just $26.99!  In fact, all of her Jellyrolls and Layer Cakes are just $26.99!  She does ship internationally (if you were wondering).  Check it out and tell her I sent you!  


Shelley said...

Plug away! We all love to shop new sites!

Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the link. I ordered a couple of charm packs for my next Schnibble quilt.