Saturday, April 3, 2010

When are we going to have Spring?

I just can't believe that tomorrow is Easter.  It doesn't seem quite right.  Perhaps it has something to do with all of the snow we have gotten the past few days.  Luckily I did manage to remember to buy a couple dozen eggs yesterday AND boil them.  I know, I know, you're impressed.  Today we took our eggs over to my sister's house and let the kids dye them.

Eli insisted on stirring the dye which turned out to be messy (surprise, surprise) and cracked a few eggs.

I also found these too cute tags for Peeps to give to my friends:

Get yours at Eighteen25 or find lots of other great ideas.


Pat said...

That is just so darling, my dear. Such fun for the kiddies. Happy Easter, my friend. Happy Quilting!

Linda said...

Special memories! Have a blessed Easter with your family.

P.S. Love your song!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Have fun hiding and eating all of those eggs!

Argery Araya C. said...

Que noños mas lindos , su infancia su sinceridad, sus travesuras no se olvidan nunca, que el Seño Jesus se los cuide siempre ,un abrazo a la distancia y que Sios te bendiga.