Sunday, February 28, 2010

No more chocolate milk

Eli, my two year old, and I are home by ourselves today.  We both have had colds for a little over a week but mine kicked my butt yesterday and is still keeping me down today.  Hence, we aren't at church and I am trying to rest.  What's the easiest way to keep a toddler quiet and happy?  Why, junk food of course!  So I put him in his high chair with a glass of chocolate milk and a donut (Krispy Kreme, brought over warm last night by my favorite person) and went to check email.  This is what I got five minutes later:

Notice how proud of himself he is?  And that the donut hasn't even been touched yet?  Or the fact that I now have chocolate milk running down an entire wall?  Boys....

Anywho, I have printed out all of the comments for the giveaway and can only hope I will be forgiven for killing all of those trees!  What an amazing response.  And, despite there only being 454 comments it looks like there was really over 500 entries.  I am numbering them now.  A few people left one comment for multiple entries so I am trying to get it all worked out.  I have to say that I am shocked by the number of entries!  190+ followers my first week!  You are all wonderful and I am so thankful for your support.

Okay, the boy has just walked by again, and despite my cold I can not help but notice that he has a WMD in his diaper.  Time for me to go.  Check back tomorrow to see who won!


Cindy said...

BUT don't get mad, Mom, he looks SO happy....LOL

Miss 376 said...

Lol, yes he looks so pleased with himself.As pleased as one of mine was when he used a whole lipstick to colour my bedroom wall and window five minutes before we were due to go away

Pat said...

I've been blogging over a year and don't even have as many followers as you have in a week!!! LOL Now that I am WAY past the messy-wall stage with my own kids (and even with grandkids), I can really laugh at the chocolate drips you have.

Needled Mom said...

Can I tell you that you will someday miss those things?????

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Some of my most memorial memories are waking to it snowing in the living room thanks to a small hole in a powder sugar bag and then there was the sugar water bombs off the kitchen cupboards. I haven't even mentioned the Halloween candy tax...boys!
Hope you feel better soon.

allsewnup said...

I'm sorry but I had to chuckle at that pic. Too cute. It'll be one of those moments that you'll look back on and smile. ; )
Oh, by the only gets better!


The Quilt Buddy said...

Hi Jandi!

I can totally relate to those days. A mom's work never stops, even when you are sick!

Congrats on all of the giveaway entries!

BTW-I love the elephant quilt! I love the colors and the cute appliques that you drew.